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cross-cultural training - MANAGEMENT australia

international management – cross cultural training AUSTRALIA (1 day)

professional environment and values

1.    Background of the Australian company
•    Overview of the country: government, the states and their differences
•    Australian companies: structure, organisation, cultures
•   Workplace legislation and trade unions: liberal model, up or out, long service leave

2.    Cultural tendencies in the workplace
•    The no worries attitude: relaxed attitude and flexible working hours
•    Introduced to spirit and team work from a very young age, Australians transfer this to their professional life
•    What is tall poppy syndrome? A society where the approach is egalitarian and where it is important to be modest


Communicating effectively with australians

3.    Australian relational methods
•    Is Australian culture an implicit or explicit culture?
•    Australians call each other by their first names and use the familiar form; however, the notion of hierarchy is important, explanations.

4.    At the workplace
•    Informal relationships (mateship), drinks on a Friday evening, weekend BBQs, Christmas parties
•    Establishing connections
•    Identifying networks


Managing teams and projects


5.    Management practices and tools
•    How is a good manager defined in Australia?
•    Decision-making. What is the role of consultation and analysis before making a decision?
•    Supervising and empowering
•    The meeting in Australia: methods and challenges
•    A good work-life balance is essential 
•    How to motivate Australians?
•    Assessing and recruiting
•    Different types of CVs

6.    Operational applications
•    Advice when starting a job
•    Action plan