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cross-cultural training - management india

International management – CROSS CULTURAL TRAINING india (1 day)

professional environment and values

1.    The social and economic context
•    A country of contrasts and diversity 
•    Social organisation and the issue of castes: consequences for business
•    India in transition and the emergence of a middle class 
•    The new Indian capitalism

2.    Indian professional values
•    Individualism and the group
•    Impermanence and relation to time
•    Private space and professional space
•    Sense of community
•    Perception of hierarchical distance


Communicating effectively WITH INDIANS

3.    Business relationships
•    Small talk to assess the other person (and position them in a caste)
•    Tone, posture: being straightforward and aggressiveness do not pay off
•    Networking: family and clan organisation of Indian society increases “the audience” of an individual
•    Sensitive subjects: politics, history, religion, etc.

4.    At the workplace
•    An indirect communication style
•    The Indian NO and YES
•    Decrypting the unsaid
•    Expression of opinions and conflict resolution
•    Understanding Hinglish

Managing teams and projects


5.    Management practices and tools
•    What is an Indian manager?
•    How to manage Indians? What they expect of you
•    Relationship management. Saving face but getting messages across
•    Attention to detail: Why this difference? Jugaad and frugality
•    Managing Indian diversity
•    Optimising the sense of community: instilling a team spirit
•    Running an effective meeting

6.    Operational applications
•    Advice when starting a job
•    Action plan