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cross-cultural training - MANAGEMENT RUSSIA

international management – russia (1 day)

professional environment and values

1.    The Russian  professional mentality
•    Economic upheavals and political realities: the impact on the business
•    Time management
•    Personal relationships
•    Russian particularism
•    The importance of the group

Communicating effectively

2.    Communicating with the Russians
•    Direct and explicit communication; how to be well understood
•    Communication within business
•    Etiquette and behaviours in the workplace
•    The choice of communication media.
•    Working with interpreters
•    Relationships between men and women in the workplace

3.    Doing Business
•    Negotiation-conflict: which vision?
•    How to establish credibility
•    Relationship before the task
•    Decision-making
•    The time for negotiation

Managing teams and projects

4.    Working with Russian teams
•    The distance from power, the importance of the hierarchy
•    The three types of Russian managers
•    Time and deadline management
•    Respecting the rules
•    How do the Russians give you their trust?
•    What is a “good manager” in Russia?
•    Managing a project
•    Corruption and blackmail within the public administration: how to react

5.    Operational applications
•    Advice when starting a job
•    Action plan