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first international experience

Are you about to have your first taste of working in an international context? Our First International Experience programme is the ideal solution to help you rise to the new challenges awaiting you.

This international management training will help you gain a better understanding of your international contacts. It will help you adapt your behaviour and working methods to your new multicultural environment to ensure the success of your first experience of international work.

Your training programme : practical preparation to bring you up to speed quickly

Working internationally is not just about mastering a new language or adapting to new organisational and material situations, it is also, first and foremost, about discovering and understanding different ways of communicating, coordinating and working with contacts from contrasting cultural backgrounds. This practice-oriented programme, covering a large number of countries, pragmatically addresses the cultural dimensions that are essential to get you up to speed for your first international experience :

  • Developing your cultural intelligence : our visions of the world, our ways of doing things ... and others' ways of doing things
  • Communicating effectively : codes, habits (or how to annoy someone without knowing it)
  • Managing time and tasks : diversity of approaches and practices: risks and solutions
  • Identifying hierarchical relationships : management styles, decision-making habits
  • Organising collective work : preference for team work or individual work
  • And even more : relationship with work, rules, notion of quality, etc.
  • Role plays, case studies and a customised action plan

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