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Benefits and impact

Intensive courses

Regardless of the length of your course, it is intensive! The hours of lessons are backed up by as many hours of practical application of the language. Everything happens in the target language. Each moment is an opportunity to progress thanks to the variety and the switch between teaching and practical application, breaks, meals and evenings supervised by instructors in the target language. A personal investment at each and every moment of the day !

A friendly atmosphere

Participating in a CERAN course also means embarking on a human journey and meeting people from different cultural and professional backgrounds in a friendly environment well suited to language learning and cross-cultural communication. Everything has been designed to encourage learning, develop communication and ensure your well-being.


Lessons are given by a team of teachers who are native speakers trained in the CERAN method. This is a guarantee of quality. They adapt to your level, your profile and your culture, and they do everything possible to help you attain your goals.

Intercultural learning

Supplementing your language learning with an intercultural approach helps you to develop your communication skills in an international context. During lessons and practical activities in the target language, you will discover the essentials of intercultural communication: gaining awareness of your cultural profile, identifying differences in behaviour, which are key for working effectively together in a multicultural environment.