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Your desire to want to develop your language skills and those of your team in Dutch is perfectly understood. Developing a common working language for an international team, developing team spirit by speaking a language shared by all, etc. Whatever your reasons, the Learn@Lunch Dutch intra-company formula is the solution for you! Your schedules are already very busy, so take advantage of your lunch break to develop new language skills , take advantage of our Dutch Learn@Lunch formula!

We offer you our Learn@Lunch program, a 100% intra-company formula tailored to meet the communication needs in Dutch of a group, yours. It is the exchanges of group lessons that allow Learners to quickly develop mastery of the chosen language while galvanizing real team cohesion around the common language. In addition, this formula is very flexible. It fits in time and adapts to your agenda.

In-company group format (2 to 6 participants)

In your company & at a distance - minimum 1 1/2 hours of consecutive training

15 or 30 hour lunch and learn package

All trainers are native speakers of the language being taught

starting from
Getting your training financed
There are different types of financial aid available for language training, including your Dutch Learn@Lunch course. These grants vary from country to country and sometimes from region to region. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we talk about co-financing of the training and in France we talk about the CPF. In Belgium, this aid takes the form of training vouchers, training bonuses, KMO-portfolio aid, Brawo aid or IPV-IFP sectoral aid. 
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Learning with Ceran

At CERAN, we put our language training experts at your disposal so that you can improve your language skills in the foreign language of your choice. Are you short on time? We have designed the Dutch Learn@Lunch program for you! This program allows you to optimize your schedule while taking advantage of quality, personalized training. What’s more, you benefit from our CERAN guarantee: “satisfied or re-trained for free”.                                                                          Our trainers are all CERAN-trained and native speakers of Dutch, so you can be sure that your language skills will develop quickly during your lunch and learn sessions! We also know that each learner has his or her own character and that everyone studies differently and in their own way. It is therefore up to our teachers to adapt to each student!

Discover the CERAN method
Using the Benjamin Franklin quote "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn" we present our CERAN method, created by Monique and René Bastin, the founders of the Group. This unique language learning technique, which is continually being improved, puts the human being at the heart of its philosophy.
Acquire/develop specific communication skills in Dutch
Be able to participate / lead meetings / videoconferences in Dutch fluently
Communicate fluently in professional situations with a Dutch-speaking audience
Find a program adapted to your needs
This Learn@Lunch language training program is a way to develop your language skills in 11 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. In small groups of 2 to 6 participants, you will meet regularly with your trainer, a native speaker of the language studied, during lunchtime training sessions. Prior to the program, you will work out the specific communication needs of the group in consultation with your trainer, who will then work on the topics mentioned.
Learn@Lunch - 15 hrsLearn@Lunch - 30 hrs
German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese€1,400 / package€2,500 / package
Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Russian€1,560 / package€2,820 / package
Course materials & MyCERAN access€30 / participant€30 / participant
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