Quality & Accessibility

Quality & Accessibility

Quality is the watchword of the training delivered by CERAN. Be it language training or intercultural training, there is only one hard and fast rule: deliver impeccable quality and service! This is why at CERAN you are "satisfied or re-trained free of charge". At the same time, the accessibility of our training venues is also a major factor in hosting our Learners.


Check out our Quality Charter. At CERAN, we promise to:
* Listen to each request, examine it professionally and quickly provide an efficient and personalised training solution.
* Assess your knowledge of the target language and culture and define ambitious and realistic learning objectives with you.
* Develop your programme within the framework of an intensive, participatory and structured educational approach.
* Work with qualified, experienced trainers who have been carefully selected.
* Develop your skills by creating the right conditions for effective, convivial learning.
* Propose solutions for maintaining and developing the obtained results.
* Analyse your satisfaction and your suggestions to offer you an even better quality of service.

Our Learners are not alone in regularly mentioning CERAN's excellent service.The CERAN Group has actually received several quality labels awarded by external panels after meeting all the requirements of the various organisations.

Label Magellan 2024 | CERAN

The 2 main quality labels for training organisations in France, Qualiopi & Datadock, have certified the CERAN Group. Setting the highest standards in the training market, they guarantee the quality of CERAN's training courses, trainers and teaching as well as the quality of the visitor experience and CERAN's training venues.

In France, the Law of 5th March, 2014 puts professional training funding bodies in charge of monitoring and controlling the quality of the training organisations with which they work. This is in order to improve the transparency of the training provided and promote continuous improvement in the quality of training activities. To be DataDock certified, 6 criteria must be met:
* Precise identification of the objectives of the training and its adaptation to the trainees.

* Adaptation of reception facilities and educational monitoring and assessment systems to Trainees' needs.

* Suitability of teaching, technical and supervision resources to the training provision.

* Professional qualification and in-service training of those in charge of training.

* Conditions for informing the public about the training provided, the schedule and the results obtained.

* Consideration of the assessments made by the Trainees. The CERAN Group obviously meets all of these criteria.


The accessibility of our training venues to any person with a disability is also an important criterion. This is why we provide the best comfort and facilities needed to cater for disabled people in our training venues. A CERAN accessibility register is available to the public.

CERAN is committed to supporting people with disabilities with their language learning, to the extent of its reception capacity. Our CERAN CITY Paris training centre, Châteauform' Learning Lab at La Défense, has excellent disability-inclusive public transport links. Our site can be accessed by Learners who are wheelchair users and by people with very reduced mobility. The entire CERAN CITY Paris team is accessibility-aware and delighted to welcome disabled people. Our residential training centre, the Château de Méry-sur-Oise, is also equipped to cater for people with disabilities.We offer training in the workplace for Learners in the Île-de-France region if desired, and we also organise distance training by telephone or online (videoconferencing).Please click on the links below to view or download the Accessibility Register documents (PDF format) for the two sites. These documents contain more information about the accessibility of our centres for people with disabilities. The Accessibility Registers are also available at each centre's Reception Desk.For more information, please contact our disability advisor, Chrissie Evans, by email at cev@ceran.com or by telephone on +33 (0)1 80 60 35 43.

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