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cross-cultural training - Management BRAZIL

International management – CROSS CULTURAL TRAINING BRAZIL (1 day)

professional environment and values

1.    Economic and social environment
•    Brazil, a giant of Latin America, Mercosul and Alena
•    Inequalities and classes within society
•    SMI-SME and multinationals in Brazil today
•    Brazilian officials. The new trade union reform

2.    Cultural tendencies in the workplace
•    Latin values mixed with North American and European influences
•    Relationship with time and space
•    A strong patriarchal structure, assumed emotionalism
•    Religiousness is also at the heart of behaviours


Communicating effectively WITH BRAZILIANS

3.    Brazilian relational methods
•    Friendliness, hospitality, physical closeness
•    Building trust: the importance of Persolanismo
•    Importance of the “face” and the context: being and appearing
•    Humour and the unsaid

4.    At the workplace
•    Meetings, 1to1, phone, etc.
•    Brazilian-foreigner relationships
•    Brazilian non-verbal communication
•    Interindividual sociality and the importance of networks
•    Women in business


Managing teams and projects


5.    Management practices and tools
•    Entrepreneurial spirit and individual ambitions
•    Working with the Brazilians: an informal autocracy?
•    Delegating and discussing
•    Organisation a la brasileira
•    Flexibility or Jeitinho: from creativity to malandragem
•    Collaboration & effectiveness
•    Jogo de cintura, Made in Brazil
•    The Ricardo Semler model

6.    Operational applications
•    Advice when starting a job
•    Action plan