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cross-cultural training - management united kingdom

International management – cross cultural training united kingdom (1 day)

professional environment and values

1.    Social and professional mentality
•    Business is business. The importance of free trade, historically and today
•    Attachment to their traditions while being a modern country

2.    Cultural tendencies in the workplace
•    “Team spirit” and the class system
•    Rules, fairplay and right to be different
•    Pragmatism and disregard for (too much) intellectualism

Communicating effectively the brits

3.    British relational methods
•    Implicit and explicit culture at the same time
•    A country full of local accents, class and culture indicators
•    Codes in business

4.    At the workplace
•    Speaking business English: words and tone
•    The British understatement: eluding the implied
•    The language “behind the words”: non-verbal communication 
•    The key role of small talk and acceptable subjects
•    Introducing yourself or being introduced - respect the rules
•    Form over substance?

Managing teams and projects


5.    Management practices and tools
•    Overview of the business world
•    Hierarchy and authority: who is responsible and why?
•    The British manager, mostly a good communicator? Allowing the team to work while being a source of inspiration and motivation
•    Working in a British team
•    British leadership: practice vs. theory? Pragmatism vs. reflection
•    Risk-taking and change: when and under what conditions?
•    Managing meetings and actions

6.    Operational applications
•    Advice when starting a job
•    Action plan