Financing your language training with Training Vouchers in Belgium

Financing your training in the Wallonia region

In Wallonia, subsidies are in the form of Training Vouchers. There are 2 types of vouchers: Training Vouchers and Language Training Vouchers for workers and for language training only. Each voucher is for 1 hour of training and allocated to 1 person. It can be purchased for €15 and is worth €30. By way of information, a one-week CERAN residential training course corresponds to 70 vouchers while a 20-hour CERAN non-residential training course corresponds to 20 vouchers.

Who is this aid for?

  • SMEs whose operational headquarters are in the French-speaking Walloon region, people who are self-employed for their main or secondary activity or with a co-working spouse
  • With a maximum of 250 workers OR the self-employed
  • With a maximum turnover of 50 million euros OR a balance sheet below 43 million euros
  • That are an autonomous company
    The following are excluded: people in the Training-Job Insertion Plan (PFI), students, apprentices and trainees in companies.

What are the practical formalities for obtaining Training Vouchers for a CERAN training course?

  • You inform the service provider that you wish to use Training Vouchers to finance your project.
  • The service provider invoices you for the training and provides you with a data sheet to complete.
  • Prior to the training
    > you order the electronic Training Vouchers from Sodexo ;
    > you send the duly completed data sheet to the service provider (including the codes received from Sodexo during the validation of your order) ;
    > you pay the service provider the amount of the invoice including taxes minus the amount covered by the Training Vouchers.
  • The service provider collects the amount of the Training Vouchers. Important: the two Walloon subsidies (Training Vouchers and AWEX) cannot
    be combined.

General comment

The purpose of this information is to summarise the terms and conditions for granting aid and subsidies*. Only the information from the official websites of the various organisations applies.
CERAN’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale also apply. They are available on our website
CERAN cannot be held liable for any refusal to grant a subsidy.
* Subject to acceptance of the applications by the agencies concerned or modification of the terms and conditions and the formalities by these same agencies.

For further information

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