Why take a German immersion course?

Why take a German immersion course?





Want to take your German up a level? Do you want to go from okay to excellent fast? CERAN offers a fully immersive German learning experience.

What is the German immersion course?

Proven to be the highly effective way of learning any language, an immersive course is precisely what it sounds like. A fully immersive experience where you are submerged in an environment perfect for learning and practising German, including:


You will eat, sleep and breathe German, with full board and comfortable accommodations in the heart of Ardennes. Here are some of the benefits of a complete immersion German course:

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It’s one thing to learn new vocabulary, but it’s another thing to retain it and use it in the proper context. The key to remembering vocabulary is practice, and with the immersive learning experience, you will have endless opportunities to use what you have learned immediately.

With a full-immersion German course, you will not only learn new vocabulary but also retain it in the long term. Taking a German immersion course in Germany means learning to use the language like a native speaker.

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Understand Culture

The key to truly understanding and becoming fluent in a language is not comprehending rules and grammar but truly understanding the culture. Cultural awareness is key to mastering German and makes your language learning journey far more exciting and enjoyable.

When you take a German immersion course in Germany, you will become familiar with German culture, mentality, and humour. This level of German is essential if you are learning German for a business or diplomatic setting.

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Studies have shown that immersive language learning changes your brain pattern, giving you native-level processing of German.

As you experience the German immersion course, you will be shocked by how quickly you go from translating each word in your head to thinking in German and speaking with fluency. You will learn fast and retain the fluency you achieve, especially with regular practice.

How to make the most of your German immersion experience?

It’s important to get the most value for your money and for your enjoyment to fully engage with the German immersion course. First, while you are taking part in the course, don’t hold back. Take every opportunity to practise your new skills with the native speaking trainers and your fellow students. The key to progressing when learning a new language is not being afraid to make mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, you are doing something wrong. Mistakes are good, and it’s how we learn.

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Even after you have finished your German immersion course, keep the momentum going and build on what you have learned. There are some really simple and often free things you can do every day to keep the immersive experience going at home, like listening to music and watching TV. You have probably heard it a million times, watch TV and movies.

Don’t waste what you have learned in the immersive experience. Try to practise whenever possible, in everyday situations, when you go to the store or at restaurants, don’t shy away from practising what you have learned. The German immersion course is an experience you will never forget.


Believe it or not, if you do this right, it will make a massive difference to your fluency and comprehension. First of all, watch something right for your level of language, for example, if you are a beginner, start with something short and simple, like a cartoon, and build from there.

You can also watch a program that you are already very familiar with in your native language, but time in German with German subtitles. If possible, try to find German, not dubbed TV shows or films to watch. This helps a lot with pronunciation, comprehension, and cultural awareness.

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If you already have a level of German but want to fine-tune your skills and fix mistakes you might not even know you are making, having access to CERAN‘s motivational native-speaking teachers is invaluable. CERAN provides a unique and valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in a German-language environment fully.

Fill out an online form or contact us to learn more about the CERAN German immersion courses. Our qualified trainers are happy to answer your questions and help you find a course that suits your individual language learning needs.

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