Want to take an online German course?

Want to take an online German course?





The last few years have seen a massive shift to the way we work and study. These changes have also meant an increasing need to learn new languages to communicate with colleagues, clients and customers all over the world. But can you really learn to speak fluent German online? Below we have outlined the benefits of taking an online German course.

How does an online language course work?

An online German course works by utilising online video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft, Teams, etc. You can take a lesson remotely by videoconferencing with your language teacher while travelling, from your office or in the comfort of your home. These remote lessons are held individually and in small groups. CERAN offers tailor-made distance language courses for everyone, children, young adults, students and professionals.

Like an in-person educational service, an online German course will cover the core skills: listening, speaking, comprehension and pronunciation. 

Are you a business person who needs to communicate with colleagues in German? CERAN can meet your language needs with fully personalised content and packages, whatever your reason for learning German. Your online German lessons can be adapted to your schedule and give you the skills to communicate confidently in German on a professional level.

Throughout your online course, you will have the opportunity to:

    • learn from motivating native speakers;
    • improve your skills through role plays;
    • prepare for your language exam (IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL)
    • acquire a broad vocabulary;
    • prepare for the school year;
    • increase your enjoyment of learning and speaking German;
    • become confident using the German language.
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Would you like personal advice or a tailor-made offer?

Online Courses for Children and Teenagers

With Ceran, your child can sign up for an intensive 15 hours per week programme in German. Are they a little shy?

If they prefer, they can sign up with a sibling or friend at the same language level. This is an example of what your intensive programme would look like, but of course, it will vary depending on your individual needs.

online course for children

Our Teaching Methods

Online learning courses have improved massively over the last few years. There are various methods for language learning, but a proven and effective method is language reinforcement and assimilation. By exclusively using the target language during lessons, students quickly improve their skills, in particular fluency. Speaking only in the target language creates an immersive atmosphere and becomes a habit for learners and trainers. This method means you learn German that will be useful and will help you navigate everyday situations.

CERAN uses the QRI method based on constant communication between trainer and student in the target language. You will be given key sentences that sum up each of your lessons and that you can use in various situations, from everyday use to the business environment. Your native trainers use the verbotonal method to give you the tools you need to master your speaking skills.

The increase in demand for distance language learning may have been born out of necessity, but it has quickly become clear that the benefits of online language learning are significant.

Convenient and Flexible

The clearest benefit of an online German course is the convenience of learning from wherever you are.

Do you work long hours? Do you prefer to study early in the morning or late in the evening? Would you like your kids to take online German lessons after school? You can adjust your online German course around your own schedule.

With lots of time slots available, you make your language learning fit with your life. With no need to leave your own home or travel long distances to a language school, the online method has made it possible for many who would not have had the time or opportunity to learn a new language in the past.l

flexible and convenient online course
online course

Comfortable Learning Environment

Taking online German lessons gives you the opportunity to create your own comfortable learning environment. Unlike a generic classroom, you can create a space that maximises your learning potential.

Why not use everyday objects around your home to learn vocabulary? Use sticky notes or notice boards in your home office, kitchen, or living room to help you revise your lesson throughout your day.

The environment is especially important when creating a learning space for your child. Create a small area that is quiet and relaxing.

Accessible and affordable

Online German courses are incredibly accessible, allowing students from all backgrounds to participate. Online lessons are more affordable than in-person lessons, with no need to take your car, bus, or commute for classes.

Are you a parent looking for an online German course for your child? There is no need to rush your children between activities; they can take their German lessons online, while you can take care of other things. Online language courses take the stress and pressure away, making it more enjoyable for both you and your children.

Are you a beginner? Don’t be afraid to leap into an immersive learning environment. Your programme will be adapted to your level and needs. You can even register less than three days before a course starts! Whatever your learning needs, call us, and we are happy to answer your questions. You can also register within minutes online or contact us by email with any questions about our training.

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