Why take an intensive German course?

Why take an intensive German course?





Would you like to learn German fast? An intensive German course will give you the ability to communicate effectively in German in just a few weeks. Below we have discussed the benefits of an intensive German course and how you can get the most out of your studies.

How Does an Intensive German Course Work?

The intensive German programmes have been developed in such a way to help you refine and improve your language skills in just a short time. This course is ideal for people who lead busy lives and need training that is not only fast but also highly effective, giving them real-world language skills.

The programmes can be tailored to your needs, whether you are a complete beginner or building on existing knowledge of the German language. Every individual is different, and you can increase your length of study depending on your learning needs. You can either take an intensive language course in person or online.

The CERAN German intensive language course is a 20-hour package spread out over five half-days of training. As with any other language learning method, it is divided into core skills listening, speaking, comprehension and pronunciation. There are two combinations to choose from. Each gives you the ability to develop your communication skills in an interactive and engaging environment.

Some may find the term “intensive” to be off-putting or daunting, but this method of learning German is not only incredibly powerful but also enjoyable. You will learn and communicate in an intensive and fast-paced environment. Here are just a few benefits to learning German with this intensive programme.

Intensive Lessons

The five days of training mixes both practical and theoretical activities, giving you the skills of highly effective communication in German, with:

  • two hours a day spent on developing your practical communication skills, including both general and professional use of language
  • individual lessons with supervised multimedia sessions
  • engaging lessons with motivating native speakers
  • your own choice of activities, personal work, role-plays, etc.
  • mealtime discussions hosted by the trainer, helping you relax and enjoy speaking in German.
intensive immersion - lounge
intensive immersion - engaging


Engagement and motivation are key to learning success. The daily intensive programme is highly engaging, helping you improve fast. As you learn a new language and skill, you will put them into practice immediately in interactive speaking sessions.

This immersive and communicative approach is the most effective way to learn any language, including German.

Would you like personal advice or a tailor-made offer?

intensive immersion - confidence


Often the biggest obstacle to progress when learning a new language is a lack of confidence, especially when it comes to speaking. The intensive approach will give you the skills to use German effectively and give you the confidence you need to put it into practice.

What you learn, you then use with numerous speaking activities, both in formal and informal settings. Over the course of the week, as you see your improvement and progression in speaking German, your confidence will grow and grow.


One of the most significant benefits of learning German through an intensive programme is that you can save both time and money. If you are someone who is extremely busy with work or studies, this practical method means you can achieve a lot quickly.

The value you get from an intensive programme is far greater than learning a little German over a very long period of time.

intensive immersion - residential

Fast Results

Do you want to progress from a simple greeting in German to be able to hold a conversation? CERAN intensive German course will help you reach your goal. You will be exposed to as much German as possible. The programme works in such a way that encourages constant communication in an enjoyable and relaxed setting, and this approach is the best way to learn any language.

Is your family moving and needs to learn German fast? CERAN also has training programmes specifically designed for juniors aged 9 – 17. Not only will they learn German but also enjoy an unforgettable, fully immersive multicultural experience.

Your German language learning journey will continue even after your intensive course. Taking one of our programmes will set you up for long-term success, giving you the tools, you need to continue studying at home.

With the move to remote working and learning over the past few years, we also offer online programmes, using video conferencing for either individual or group lessons. Our online lessons are designed to mirror the immersive and fast-paced classroom environment. Contact us to discuss your individual learning needs. We are happy to give you an individualised plan for your intensive German course.

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