Financing your language training with the Co-financing of the training course in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Financing your training in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Next to Belgium, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 15% of the total annual amount invested in language training can be financed through the Co-financing of the course. However, the State's financial contribution may increase to 35% subject to tax for the salary costs of participants meeting the following criteria on the start date of the training
1) either no recognised diploma and length of service < 10 years;
2) or > 45 years old.

Who is this aid for?

Private sector companies, legally established in Luxembourg and mainly carrying out their activities there.

What are the practical formalities for obtaining Training Co-Financing for a CERAN training course?

  • The applicant informs the service provider that they wish to use Co-financing of training for their project.
  • The applicant submits their application via the Lifelong Learning portal.
  • After the training, the service provider provides the applicant with the required certificate. This link provides you with a full explanation and takes you to a tutorial for administrative procedures:
  • Important: Make sure you respect the deadlines for submitting the annual balance sheet, the request for approval and the final report which vary depending on the annual amount your company invests in training.

General comment

The purpose of this information is to summarise the terms and conditions for granting aid and subsidies*. Only the information from the official websites of the various organisations applies.
CERAN’s General Terms and Conditions of Sale also apply. They are available on our website
CERAN cannot be held liable for any refusal to grant a subsidy.
* Subject to acceptance of the applications by the agencies concerned or modification of the terms and conditions and the formalities by these same agencies.

For further information

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