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Start planning your summer now! What better way to spend your summer months than learning French, travelling, and getting to know a new culture in the process. Keep reading to find out more about French summer camps and the benefits of taking part.

Why Are French Summer Camps Beneficial?

Studies have shown that participating in a summer camp in another country is truly beneficial for all ages. Strong motivation and success go hand in hand. A French summer camp is a perfect way to make the most of your determination to learn French, and make real and tangible progress.

The Best Language Learning Environment

Learning a language in a more traditional classroom setting over a long period of time is a very different experience from learning in a fully immersive summer camp environment. Physically travelling to and being immersed in a French-speaking country is the best way to learn.

When your heart is involved in learning and upskilling, it makes all the difference. The camp environment makes learning fun and gives you intrinsic motivation for learning.

It is taking you out of the “cold” classroom or office environment, which can hinder creativity. Immersive learning connects skills, inspiration, and real-life practice, giving you every opportunity to become fluent in French.

French Summer Camps - Friends

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French Summer Camps - Confidence

Develop Skills and Confidence

Taking part in a summer camp will improve your self-confidence no matter your age or language level. Summer camps are especially impactful and beneficial for children and teenagers.

Being independent and taking on this adventure helps kids build self-confidence and self-esteem while at the same time developing their social and interpersonal skills. Summer camps are an excellent opportunity for kids to make new friends and broaden their horizons.


For adults, summer camps are an opportunity for meaningful self-development. The best way to learn and push yourself is to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Being in an immersive French-speaking environment will not just help you learn French but give you a new perspective on the language and culture. You will leave not just with a greater sense of self but with new confidence levels when speaking French.

intensive immersion - engaging

How to make the most of summer camp

Summer camp can be a big investment of your time and money, so it’s important to make the most of this unique experience.

Prepare Beforehand

All language schools will assess your level when you start a course, but it is also a good idea to do an online assessment yourself beforehand. This will give you a realistic view of your level. Online assessments are easy to find and should only take a few minutes.

Once you know where you are starting from, it’s essential to have clearly in mind your end goal and motivation. It will be hard to make the most of your summer camp experience if you don’t have a clear motivation for why you are there.

The French summer camp is an intensive and immersive experience, so it might be a good idea to listen to music and watch movies in French beforehand. That way, you will get used to it even before you begin.

French Immersion
French Summer Camps - Friends

Don’t Hold Back

The more you get involved and throw yourself into the summer camp, the more you benefit. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone and have new experiences. This can be challenging at first, but if you try your best to take advantage of all opportunities to improve your skills and communicate in French, you will learn faster.

Don’t hold back because you are afraid to make mistakes or look bad. Mistakes are how we learn and will help you in the long run. The French summer camp is a great way to get to know new people from all over the world, from various cultures and backgrounds. Get to know the other students. It can be a truly enriching life experience.

Our French Summer Camp

The CERAN French summer camp incorporates language learning with fun, immersive and engaging activities. Nothing beats learning French in a French-speaking country with native tutors, where the language is taught in a natural way and is used constantly, no matter the activity. Of course, the classroom activities, learning grammar and practising drills are important building blocks to acquiring the language. Still, you will also have the opportunity to practise in real-life situations.

Taking part in a French summer camp can take you from beginner to fluency in the most enjoyable setting. If you are interested in taking part in this unique experience, fill out our online form to discuss which CERAN summer camp programme you can participate in. Develop your French skills with the support of native-speaking tutors in a fun, entirely French environment.

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