Intensive French Course Brussels

Intensive French Course Brussels





The small European nation of Belgium has more than one spoken language, German, French, and Dutch (or Flemish). In the capital city of Brussels, people mostly speak French and Flemish. Brussels is truly a bilingual city, thanks largely to the presence of the European Commission and Parliament. By 2020 around 50% of the residents of Brussels were foreign, with many speaking English as their common language.

Why Study French in Brussels?

With so many amazing French-speaking destinations, what makes Brussels a great place to learn French?

Melting Pot

One of the most appealing aspects of learning French in Brussels is that this is a truly bilingual environment. Brussels is a melting pot of people from all over Europe.

You will hear many accents, and everyone is doing their best to speak a language that is not their mother tongue. You won’t be self-conscious about your accent or making mistakes.

This makes Brussels the perfect location for an intensive French course. You can throw yourself into speaking and practising as much as possible without being overly concerned about standing out.

Study French in Brussels - Melting Pot
Learning a language

Easy to Understand

When learning any new language, comprehension can be tricky, especially if you are listening to locals speaking fast. One of the best things about taking an intensive French course in Brussels is that Belgians are easy to understand.

They speak more clearly and softer than other French-speaking nations. Also, your accent does not matter so much. They are used to people from all over trying to speak French and won’t be put off by your foreign accent.

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Small but Fun

Brussels might be small, but it is packed full of things to do and attractions. With a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of bars and cafes, you will have loads of opportunities to practise your French and fully immerse yourself in the culture.

For example, why not take a beer tour in Brussels, one of the best ways to practise some French while learning about the history of this beautiful city. Visit Café Belga, in Place Flagey. It is a great spot to find people from all over the world practising their French in a friendly and laid-back atmosphere.

Café Belga - International Meeting
Easy-going Belgian - Study French

Easy-going Friendly Locals

Belgians are known for being friendly and easy to talk to. You will have ample opportunity to practise your French and strike up a conversation while shopping or out in a cafe. People here are used to foreign non-native French speakers, so they are very accommodating and patient.

A significant difference between speaking French in France or Brussels is also the less formal style. Usually, when you greet someone in France, you need to learn a more polite and formal set of rules for someone you don’t know, however, in Brussels, this is not necessary, you can speak with everyone in a less formal and friendly way.

How Does the Intensive Course Work?

Taking an intensive French course is an immersive experience and the fastest way to master the language. Intensive programmes are designed so that you are studying and practising French every day over the course of several weeks. You are fully immersed in a French-speaking environment beyond just learning language rules in a classroom setting; this is also a rich cultural experience.

With the CERAN intensive French course in Brussels, you will have constant interaction with motivational native speakers, as well as:

  • Individual and group lessons;
  • Leisure and recreational activities in Brussels;
  • Mealtimes with the native trainers;
  • Multimedia lessons;
  • Access to the best materials.
Immersion - CERAN


CERAN offers intensive French courses in Brussels for all levels of language learners. The intensive, fully immersive days give you the skills you need to communicate in French. It will be hard to beat the intensive French experience in Brussels.

Most of your day will be spent taking part in classroom lessons and activities, which are interactive and communicative with roleplays and lots of practice time. The individual and group lessons are conducted entirely in French, meaning students learn to communicate incredibly fast.
Because learning a language is not just about grammar, leisure and cultural activities are key to understanding how to use French in real-life situations and confidently converse with native speakers in a relaxed environment.

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