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Intensive French Course





Whatever your level of French, it can be a daunting prospect to take part in an intensive and immersive course. But if you want to learn a new language fast, an intensive programme is the perfect option. Taking an intensive French course is well worth the effort with lots of positives, most of all learning fast.

How Long Does It Take to Learn a Language?

With little time and so much to experience, many people want to know, how fast can they learn a language? There are varying lines of thought on this subject, and it often depends on the language you are trying to learn. If you do a quick online search, you will come across videos claiming that you can become fluent in French in just three months, but, in reality, to become truly fluent in any language will take longer than this. However, studying with the aid of an intensive, immersive language course will increase the speed at which you learn French significantly.

Similarity to Your Language

Another contributing factor is how similar the language you want to learn is to your native tongue. For example, for an English speaker, a language like Chinese or Arabic may take a lot longer to learn than German or French.

When there is not much common vocabulary or structure between your native language and the language you want to learn, progress will be slower, and even if you study a lot, it might take you nine months to see real progression.

If the language you want to learn is similar to yours and you have the right motivation, you can make real progression within three months.

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Your Motivation

How quickly you will become fluent in French really comes down to your motivation and the intensity at which you study.

Taking part in an intensive French course where you are fully immersed in a French-speaking environment can take you from a beginner to naturally thinking in French and using French words within weeks. This, of course, depends on how much effort you put into the experience.

Learn Outside The Box

Use every opportunity to become absorbed in the language. Don’t just focus on your coursework, also learn during your free time, listen to music, watch TV, and read books in French.

The more you are exposed to French and dedicate time to learning the language, the faster you will learn and the more you will enjoy the experience. 

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Is It Worth Taking an Intensive French Course?

An intensive French course can be an investment not just of your time but also financially, so is it worth all that effort?

Improve Fast!

The obvious and most outstanding benefit of an intensive French course is how fast your level of French will improve. You will be amazed by your advancement, especially when it comes to speaking and comprehension.

If you take a regular French lesson once a week over a long period of time, it may take a long time to learn. Intensive courses, however, can give you fantastic improvement fast, but it will greatly depend on your effort and determination.

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Retain Information

Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting what you learnt between your French lessons. Consistent and regular attendance at classes is vital if you want to retain the information you are learning.

An intensive French course is the best way to learn a new language quickly and retain what you have learnt in the long term. During the intensive programme, you don’t just learn French in a classroom setting, but you also use it in real-life situations. You are learning to communicate effectively in French and practising daily.

You also need to be determined to use your French after the course in the long term. Practise fifteen minutes a day even after you have finished your intensive French course to keep the language you have learnt alive.

How Does an Intensive French Course Work?

Intensive might sound a little overwhelming, but we assure you it is the opposite: a fun, worthwhile and enjoyable experience you will never forget. The first time you can order food, have a telephone conversation, or watch an entire movie in French will feel amazing. Remember to enjoy the process!

During your intensive French course, you will spend your days concentrating solely on learning French, without any distractions or other responsibilities taking your attention. You can fully immerse yourself in the learning experience, and you will see real and meaningful progress fast.

There are a variety of intensive programmes that can fit your individual needs. However, each intensive programme allows you to enjoy:

  • Lessons in small groups;
  • Individual lessons;
  • Immersive leisure and recreational activities;
  • Breaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner led by the native trainers;
  • Interaction with native speaker teachers on a daily basis;
  • Studying in a classroom from three to nine hours a day;
  • Fully immersive experiences like cultural expeditions;
  • Studying French in Paris, Brussels or Spa, Belgium.
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CERAN courses are unique in that you do not just focus on a course book; the entire programme is designed to give you an immersive experience, where you are fully involved in a French-speaking environment, even at mealtimes.

You have a unique experience of access to native tutors, so speak with them as much as possible. Even if this is a little daunting, remember you are making the absolute most of your time and the money you have spent on the programme.


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